Lubbock Arts Alliance

creation, understanding & enjoyment of the arts


Lubbock Arts Alliance

creation, understanding & enjoyment of the arts


The Lubbock Arts Alliance is a non-profit organization working to ensure that Lubbock has a vibrant, growing art scene that remains accessible to every member of the community.

Lubbock Arts Festival

The award-winning Lubbock Arts Festival is the largest fine art event in West Texas. Features include visual artists from around the nation showing and selling their artwork; performance stages with musicians, actors, and dancers; demonstrating artists; children’s art area; special exhibits and entertainment. Learn more…


The Lubbock Arts Alliance provides a dynamic art outreach program, SmART, to serve the most vulnerable in the community: low-income minority children, and children in foster care. Learn more…

Lubbock Cultural District

The Lubbock Arts Alliances manages the Lubbock Cultural District, which has been officially designated and recognized by the Texas Commission on the Arts and is one of 85 in Texas. Learn more…

The Lubbock Arts Alliance…
  • Supports local artists and arts organizations through services and programming.
  • Provides leadership to encourage economic development through the arts.
  • Develops positive publicity and support for the arts.
  • Works to establish Lubbock as a regional arts destination for visitors and tourists.

The Lubbock Arts Alliance produces the largest celebration of visual, performing and children’s arts in the region each year, known as the Lubbock Arts Festival, with

artists participating

The Lubbock Arts Alliance provides art classes and camps to

at risk children

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For more than 50 years, the Arts Alliance has worked to ensure that Lubbock has a vibrant, growing, and accessible arts scene. The agency’s mission is to foster the creation, understanding, and enjoyment of the arts.

The Lubbock Arts Alliance embraces the core values of education, inclusion, and celebration. Decisions for the organization, including which programs to offer to the community, are guided by these core values.

All Arts Alliance programs are low cost or free to remove economic barriers, held in accessible public locations, showcase artists of diverse backgrounds, and have a strong educational component.


Connect With Us

Connect With Us


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