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Lubbock Arts Alliance Celebrating 50 Years

By January 10, 2019No Comments

The Lubbock Arts Alliance, formerly know as the Lubbock Cultural Affairs Council, was incorporated as a 501(c)(3) Texas nonprofit corporation on March 27, 1969. For the last 50 years, the Lubbock Arts Alliance has fostered the creation, understanding, and enjoyment of the arts by ensuring that the community has a vibrant, growing, and accessible art scene.

By supporting local artists and arts organizations, generating positive publicity and support for the arts, and creating educational art opportunities, the Arts Alliance has established Lubbock as a regional arts destination for visitors and a dynamic presence in the lives of those who call the city home.

Comprised of the same staff since 2004, the Lubbock Arts Alliance consistently brings the arts and outside resources together to achieve tangible results. The organization:

Produces the largest celebration of the arts in our community, the award-winning Lubbock Arts Festival.  The event has received four grants from the National Endowment for the Arts for bringing the arts to underserved audiences.

Provides management for the vibrant Cultural District in downtown Lubbock, which has garnered State of Texas Cultural District Designation from the Texas Commission on the Arts.  Lubbock’s Cultural District has received two, highly competitive grants from Texas Commission on the Arts.

Coordinates Take in the Local Color! Lubbock Artist Studio Tour, comprised of 55 visual artists and 10 different studios.

Provides free after school art programs to low income, minority children at the Guadalupe-Parkway Centers. This program received one of only twenty grants awarded by Texas Women for the Arts in 2017.


The Charter of the Lubbock Arts Alliance since 1969

The purpose of which is to:
Encourage cultural programs for all those who care about the arts;
Promote education for appreciation and participation in the arts;
Make the arts accessible to all persons in every walk of life;
Raise the level of quality of the arts presented to the public.

Such cultural program shall include, but shall not be limited to music, theatre and drama groups, dance, painting, sculpture, literature, architecture, and horticulture. To achieve such objectives the Lubbock Arts Alliance shall stimulate public interest and co-operation through radio, television, other new media and public assemblies and by promoting and encouraging all aspects of a cultural program by continually improving education for appreciation of the arts through Lubbock educational and art institutions; and by developing and maintaining a program to attract and retain resident artists, writers and performers. The Lubbock Arts Alliance shall be responsible for planning and building a well rounded community cultural program and for co-ordinating not only the Lubbock area program but also inter-city and inter-regional programs.