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Flatland Film Festival 2018

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Parkway Sommerville Center children stand with their instructors in front of the Flatland Film Festival screen before their big debut.

For nearly fifty years, the Lubbock Arts Alliance has championed the vital role of the arts in our community in many ways including the Flatland Film Festival. Through ARTadventures!, the Arts Alliance provides an art education program to nurture self-expression and self-confidence in many of our most vulnerable children. The artistic excellence of the ARTadventures! program has been recognized by Texas Women for the Arts. To learn more about our work, please visit us at

The Lubbock Arts Alliance made it possible for 16 children from the Parkway Sommerville Center to work with professional filmmaker, Torico Price, for three weeks this summer. As a result of his tutorage during the program, the children learned to write, act, and record their creative stories into short films including a horror flick! After all their hard work, the kids had not only a private  screening but their films were also screened at this year’s Flatland Film Festival in Lubbock, Texas.

Enjoy the creations of our students below!